Dog Neutering

Dog Neutering

Dog Neutering

Dog neutering is one of the most responsible things you can do as a dog owner, it obviously prevents unwanted pregnancies but also it can help prevent many diseases such as cancer in the prostate and testicles, it can also prevent infections such as uterine infections and breast tumors.

For dog neutering the best age to neuter a dog is between six and nine months old, it can be carried out sooner or later than that but that is the most common age for it to be carried out.

The dog neutering procedure

Dog neutering is an operation that must be carried out by a professional veterinary surgeon, and your dog will usually be out of the veterinary practice the same day, when he is home with you he may feel slight discomfort and may need a bit of extra TLC for the next few days but normally after a week a dog will be back to normal. Your dog may feel a bit sorry for himself so may need lots of extra cuddles and fuss from you but your dog should be absolutely fine after a few days.

The dog must avoid licking the wound after the operation

After dog neutering, you need to try and discourage your dog from licking its wound as this can lead to infection and reopening the stitches, if this does happen call your vet immediately.

Various vets will charge different prices for dog neutering but it is important that you choose a vet that you trust and has a good reputation, you want to know your dog is in safe hands and will be well looked after. Try and choose the one with a good reputation rather than one that is the cheapest.

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