Pet Neutering

Pet Neutering

Pet Neutering

Pet neutering is important for all your pets, be it a rabbit to a cat or a dog, it is in the animal’s best health interest to be neutered. Pet neutering will remove the risk of unwanted pregnancies and prevent some diseases such as cancer and many other risks associated with the reproductive organs.

Pet neutering is a routine surgical procedure, that is carried out by most veterinary practices.

Rabbit neutering

Neutering your pet rabbit can help to reduce aggression and prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Cat Neutering

Neutering your pet cat is a simple procedure and will calm your cat down and reduce any unwanted pregnancies.

Ferret Neutering

Neutering your ferret is vital, for female ferret’s lack of male attention during their cycle can be fatal.

Dog neutering

Neutering your dog can help prevent unwanted puppies, it can help curb aggressive behavior and prevent many dangerous diseases.

cat and a dog

The pet neutering procedure

Most veterinary practices will offer pet neutering, it is a straightforward procedure, and most animals will be back at home with you after just a few hours, at the very latest the same day.

Prices for pet neutering

Prices vary from vet to vet, but we would suggest when booking your pet neutering procedure, you go for the vet you trust not just the cheapest. You want your pet to be in safe hands and know that they will be well looked after. Most vets will include a follow-up appointment within the price of the pet neutering so you can ensure that your pet is well looked after aftercare-wise as well as during the procedure.