Flea Treatment

Flea Treatment for Cats

Being a cat owner is joyous and rewarding but one of the main things you have to keep on top of is flea treatment for cats. If you own a cat, I’m sure you’d be familiar with the sheer nuisance that fleas bring to you, your home but especially your cat.

How to tell if your cat has fleas

Some of the time fleas are visible to the eye and look like small black specks in your cats fur, depending on the colour of your cat’s coat, they can be easier or more difficult to detect. You can sometimes spot them on your furniture, carpet and even clothing if the problem is more severe.

Behaviour wise, its quite easy to tell if your cat has fleas. If your cat is scratching a lot more than usual, this is a sign that they might have fleas and need special flea treatment for cats. Fleas make cats itchy as they irritate the skin by biting them and sucking their blood. Unfortunately, in some cases, some cats are allergic to the saliva produced by cats so when a flea bites them, it can cause even more skin irritation and even blistering and rashes, which is obviously uncomfortable and painful for your cat.


Treatments Options

There is a wide variety of flea treatments for cats available to try. The important part is finding the right one for your cat. It’s extremely important to use a flea treatment that has been recommended by your vet, this is because not all treatments are effective and can sometimes cause additional irritation for your cat. Flea treatment for cats is extremely important to maintain the prevention of these harmful parasites.

Additionally, on top of making sure flea treatments for your cat is up to date, its vital to make sure you home is kept on top of as well. For example, regularly washing your cat’s bed or anywhere that your cat likes to spend a lot of time or sleep. Additionally, hoovering is a great help and removing dirt and dust follicles from carpets and fabric chairs / sofas can remove any fleas or flea eggs.